Group of Statistical Physics

Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics


Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
Eds. S.R.A. Salinas and C. Tsallis
Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications
Eds. S. Abe and Y. Okamoto
Non Extensive Thermodynamics and Physical Applications
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Classical and Quantum Complexity and Nonextensive Thermodynamics
Eds. P. Grigolini, C. Tsallis and B.J. West
Nonadditive Entropy and Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics
Ed. M. Sugiyama
Nonextensive Entropy - Interdisciplinary Applications
Eds. M. Gell-Mann and C. Tsallis
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Anomalous Distributions, Nonlinear Dynamics, and Nonextensivity
Eds. H. L. Swinney and C. Tsallis
New and Expectations in Thermostatistics
Eds. G. Kaniadakis and M. Lissia
Trends and perspectives in extensive and non-extensive statisitical mechanics
Eds. H. Herrmann, M. Barbosa and E. Curado
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Complexity, Metastability and Nonextensivity
Eds. C. Beck, G. Benedek, A. Rapisarda and C. Tsallis
Nonextensive statistical mechanics:
new trends, new perspectives
Eds. J.P. Boon and C. Tsallis
News, Expectations and Trends in Statistical Physics
Eds. G. Kaniadakis, A. Carbone and M. Lissia
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Complexity and Nonextensivity – New Trends in Statistical Mechanics
Eds. S. Abe, M. Sakagami and N. Suzuki
Complexity, Metastability and Nonextensivity
Eds. S. Abe, H. Herrmann, P. Quarati, A. Rapisarda and C. Tsallis
Statistical Power Law Tails in High-Energy Phenomena
Ed. T.S. Biro,
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Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics – Foundations and Applications
Eds. R.S. Mendes, L.C. Malacarne, E.K. Lenzi and L.R. Evangelista,
Introduction to Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics – Approaching a Complex World
C. Tsallis
Fundamental Mathematics for Complex Systems – Mathematics for Power Laws and Tsallis Entropy
H. Suyari
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Generalised Thermostatistics
Ed. Jan Naudts
Tsallis Entropy
Ed. A. Anastasiadis
Statistical Mechanics in Earth Physics and Natural Hazards
Eds. F. Vallianatos and L. Telesca
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Concepts and Recent Advances in Generalized Information Measures and Statistics
Eds. Andres M. Kowalski, Ra´ul D. Rossignoli and Evaldo M. F. Curado
Bentham Science, 2013